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At Erskine Floors Interiors, we can help you with your kitchen remodel and bath remodel from the very beginning. We assist with developing a budget, developing a design idea and then implementing it into the kitchen or bath of your dreams. Our team knows how to showcase the style of your home while incorporating necessary storage, task, and fixture optimizations to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle. Out of all the ways you can improve your home, kitchen & bath remodeling ranks as the most important. Improving the design and functionality of these highly-used living spaces will add value to your home.

We are EPA-Approved for Conducting Lead Based Paint Abatements and/or Renovation, Repair and Painting Activities.

Lead-Safe EPA Certified Firm NAT-102505-3

Countertops Elevate Your Space

Don't underestimate the importance of countertops when renovating your home. At Erskine Floors Interiors, we excel in installing quartz countertops. With our expertise, we guide you to select the perfect countertops that suit your unique requirements. Whether you prefer a contemporary or traditional look, we possess the know-how to realize your vision. Our promise is to deliver outstanding results, elevating the design and usability of your kitchen or bathroom. Count on us to transform your renovation ideas into a space that delights.


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